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What are the benefits of joining the MSIPA?

We messenger managed care participation agreements that pertain to Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, FIDA, Exchange, Essentials, and third party administrators. Our strength as a faculty and health system enables us to obtain enhanced pricing. In addition, the MSIPA escalates operational issues and provides educational training on the rapidly changing health insurance marketplace. For more information, please visit our What We Do page.

What are the requirements to become a Mount Sinai IPA (MSIPA) member?

To be eligible to become a member of the MSIPA, one must:

a. Hold a current and unrestricted license in such profession, from, or recognized by the licensing authorities of the State of New York.

b. Have a medical staff MD/DO appointment at Mount Sinai North (formerly Mount Sinai Hospital) and Mount Sinai Queens as Medical Staff Attending or Visiting Medical Staff.

c. If you are applying as part of a group practice, the whole group must join the MSIPA.

Is there a cost to join?

$750.00 for Specialists / Annual
$400.00 for PCP / Annual

Dues are non-refundable. If you are dually-credentialed and your practice is 50% PCP, you will pay the PCP rate.

Am I allowed to join another IPA if I am already an MSIPA?

If you are a Voluntary member, you can join another IPA, but may only utilize one IPA contract per plan.

Faculty are prohibited from joining an IPA outside of MSIPA and MSHP (Mount Sinai Health Partners).

What is the Mount Sinai Health Partners IPA? How are they different?

Mount Sinai Health Partners (MSHP) is the lead negotiator for value based & facility contracting. All MSIPA members are required to be members of MSHP. As such, dues are not required at this time.

For more information on MSHP, please call (877)-234-6667.

How do I gain access to the secure pages on this site?

Faculty: The administrator, practice manager, and biller have been granted access to the portal.

Voluntary: If you are currently a member, you already have access to the portal.

Is MSIPA a delegated entity?

In addition to the requirements for MSIPA membership, payors may have their own credentialing requirements for participation in their networks.

Enrollment and credentialing on behalf of faculty are managed by your department.

Enrollment into payer networks on behalf of Voluntary providers is managed by the MSIPA. Credentialing is managed by the payer once they have received the enrollment package from MSIPA.

More questions?

If you have additional questions not addressed in this FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us via email at, or by phone (646)-605-8611.